Get An Instant Part Exchange Price For Your Car Direct From Autotrader

Posted by Barrie Crampton - Monday, 15 Aug 2016 09:19

Hi I would just like to introduce my self, my name is Barrie Crampton. I have been in the Motor Trade from the days when we used to value your car by looking at a Confidential Guide, the customer never knew if it was a fair price or not, hopefully those days have now gone forever. 


We are excited to announce that we are trialling the Autotrader Customer Part Exchange Valuation system. It is still in the development stage at the moment,   but its important, its revolutionary, and its designed to develop trust in our business, its something the Motor Trade has been crying out for,

 its purpose is to show you the customer,  that we at Grosvenor Garage deal in an honest, open, and transparent way, in effect you are being given a valuation from a third party company, which they and not us, deem to be a realistic and fair market value for your vehicle.

 Autotrader have arrived at their “Real Time" valuation, by Cross Checking daily over 400,000 advertised cars, 4500 Dealer Websites, Price Data from all the Major Car Auctions,    and Information that is only available to the Trade, on Fleet and Leasing Disposal Prices.

 Just to be clear,  the valuation is not sent by us,  it has come direct to you from Autotrader, and it is a real time cost to change,  for the car that you could be driving away from our garage tomorrow.

 This system is still in its development stage, and while it is already fantastic, we are all still striving to make it even more accurate,  i have 40 years Plus experience in Car Retailing, like the Terminator says “Im Old, but not Obsolete” erm hopefully.

 At my earliest opportunity,  I will personally study each enquiry, to see if i can improve on the offer.

 The system gives you a price for an average car,   it doesn’t take into account your cars service history,     whether its been done by Main Dealer, or an independent,  whether its been recently serviced,  or if it has one, has the cam belt been changed, then theres the specification, is it standard, or does it have factory fitted options.

 Are the bodywork, interior, and alloy wheels all free from damage, what are the tyres like,  in fact all the questions that you would ask me, about our car,   before you did a deal,

 For us as a business,  this is the last part of the Jigsaw.

 We already use the Autotrader  iControl system for Retailers,  using a similar data to the Part Exchange Tool for Customers,   it enables us to to value our stock,  and then advertise our cars at their exact value and price position in the Used Car Market.

 it gives us the ability to check all our vehicles against those of our competitors.

 We then monitor our prices daily and adjust them accordingly to ensure that we stay one step ahead of our competitors

 We are so confident that you’ll love our car,   that as well as numerous photographs,   we also shoot a quick teaser video,   which is linked to the full High Definition Video,   and a Drivers Point Of View Video Test Drive,  in the exact car that you are looking at.

 You can see the condition,   how well our car drives,   and get an INSTANT part exchange price,   from probably the most respected name in the Motor Industry,  To be clear that would  Autotrader not us,  but we are trying.

 All this without even getting up from your computer.

I know these days every one is too busy to pick up the phone,     so if it suits you better,    text,    live chat,    or email me,   at a time that’s convenient to you,  tell me a little more about your car.  

 It could just make the difference between us doing a deal or not.

 Please give us a try,   after all,  you have nothing to lose,   and a great deal to gain!



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