Review and Virtual Video Test Drive in our Volkswagen Passat 2 0 TDI BlueMo

Posted by Barrie Crampton - Wednesday, 18 Oct 2017 00:00

Volkswagen Passat 2 0 TDI BlueMotion Tech Highline For Sale In Preston


whenever a car comes in to stock we always take it for a 10 mile test drive to make sure we get the engine up to operating temperature and that everything works as it should and there are no untoward faults, oil/coolant leaks, rattles, knocks, vibrations, wheel wobbles etc it that would not come to light with a normal pre sale checkover (done on a ramp) and I always make a video it so our customers can see just how it drives too.

this car will soon be valeted and ready for sale on our website, if you are interested in buying it then you can find all the details and specifications here 2013 Volkswagen Passat 2 0 TDI BlueMotion Tech Highline 




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