Replacing the case on a 2010 Range Rover Sport Vogue : Land Rover Di

Posted by Barrie Crampton - Monday, 16 Oct 2017 00:00

Range Rover Sports are great cars but some times the key fobs let them down as the rubber sections start to peel off, the good news is you dont have to glue them and nearly ruin the whole key like this person had done, for the price of 2 gallons of diesel you can buy a new outer case for your remote key from the Landrover Dealer. Thats the good news, the bad news is they are a bit awkward to do as sometimes you need 3 hands, anyway here is a short video to show you how to replace the case on a remote fob for a 2010 Range Rover Sport with Land Rover Part Number LR052882, or on a Land Rover Discovery with Land Rover Part Number LR052905.


Here is a link to the 2010 Range Rover Sport which this key belonged to and is currently for sale at Grosvenor Garage, Chorley Road, Walton Le Dale, Preston PR54JS





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