Peace of mind comes included with a Used Car From Grosvenor Garage

Posted by Barrie Crampton - Monday, 25 Sep 2017 00:00

Enjoy driving your Vehicle away with peace of mind, as AA Warranty Dealer Care Extended Guarantee is available on all of our vehicles.


At Grosvenor Garage, we prepare your new vehicle to ensure it reaches you in the best possible condition, however, as your vehicle ages the risk of mechanical breakdown greatly increases. Based on statistics provided by AA Warranty, 1 in 3 cars over 3 years old develop faults requiring attention each year**.


The purpose of the Dealer Care Extended Guarantee is to protect you against these unforeseen repair costs due to mechanical or electrical failure.


The guarantee includes parts and labour, diagnosis if it forms part of a valid claim, European cover, a contribution toward overnight accommodation or your rail fair home and a contribution toward a hire car.  


For full details, please refer to the Guarantee documentation which is available on request or click on the AA Warranty Dealer Care Extended Guarantee product banner shown on this page.


**Based on a sample of more than 13,000 policies handled by AA Warranty.


AA Warranty is a trademark of AA Group of Companies and is used with its permission under licence to Motorway Direct Plc.





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